Range of water cycle management solutions developed at Petrol

Author: Tatjana Zajc, head of the Wastewater Treatment product group

Good water management is becoming the highest social priority because a lack of access to drinking water in certain parts of the world is a serious issue. As one of the most important natural resources, water is essential for our health and quality of life. Knowledge exchange, innovation, environmental security and accessible water management services are becoming a strategic advantage in the portfolio of energy solutions offered by the Petrol Group. These business activities are managed by the Energy and Environmental Solutions Division.

The company cooperates, contributes, develops and implements a common vision for environmental responsibility in the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater. We partner with local communities and industry. The company also manages all small wastewater treatment systems installed at Petrol sales points that are used to treat wastewater from the filling stations, car washes and storage facilities.

Wastewater can have a profound impact on the quality of water sources, lending particular importance to effective treatment of wastewater resulting from everyday activities, manufacturing and services. At Petrol, we make it possible for cities, industry and regions to optimise investments, operation of wastewater treatment facilities and operating costs. The wastewater treatment process must be appropriately managed and the technical issues resolved as soon as possible because this is the only way to ensure that the discharge parameters remain within legal limits. The operation of the wastewater treatment facility is optimised by upgrades, as well as opting for and managing proper technical processes. At Petrol, we make sure that the technologies chosen are optimal in terms of technology, investments and costs.

Technological solutions encompass analysing parameters and measurements in the wastewater treatment process, which includes sensor setting, monitoring and appropriate measures. Optimisation also ensures better control and predictability of processes and reduces the occurrence of unforeseen events.

Steps in treating urban wastewater:

At Petrol, we promote economical water use and provide our partners with comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions. We make it possible for cities to invest in urban wastewater treatment facilities through a public-private partnership model. By opting for such models, cities can save their allocated funds and use them for other investments. The private partner is responsible for planning and designing the project and financing its construction, and later manages the treatment facility under a concession contract. For the entire duration of the concession contract, the private partner ensures that the treatment facility operates in accordance with legal provisions, technical guidelines and good technical practice, and that the discharges comply with all legal requirements. The private partner takes on the investment in its entirety, including choosing the optimal technological wastewater treatment process, efficient construction and long-term management.

As a private partner, Petrol manages four concessions for carrying out the public service of treating urban wastewater and rainwater. Two of them, in Mežica and Murska Sobota, are newly built facilities based on BOT (build, operate, transfer) concession contracts. Under concession contracts, Petrol also manages wastewater treatment facilities in Ig and Sežana.

Treatment of industrial wastewater

Sustainable resource management in industry reduces the use of raw materials and extends their lifecycle, contributing to a circular economy. At Petrol, we believe that economic use of industrial wastewater and its treatment and reuse, in addition to having benefits for the environment, also creates a competitive advantage. Together with the client, we carry out all the required investments, from contractual solution design, building and management to building new facilities and carrying out renovations. This ensures optimal functioning of the technological processes with guaranteed effects for the client. The management can be transferred to an external contracting partner taking on all risks and guarantees for contractually agreed-upon parameters. Industrial wastewater is specific because it frequently contains substances of particular importance in the technological treatment process to protect surface and ground waters.

At Petrol, we carry out regular maintenance and various services at the Papirnica Vevče and Paloma paper companies. At self-contained economic areas of the Štore and Ravne steelworks, Petrol manages open and closed industrial water cycles.

Our services abroad

Good practice on the Slovenian market and opportunities arising abroad have motivated Petrol to expand activities related to wastewater treatment to the Croatian market, followed by Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We adapt the business models developed in Slovenia to individual markets, taking into account the relevant legislation. In-depth knowledge of technologies and flexible development of individual technological solutions constitute our qualitative advantage.

More information on water cycle solutions is available here.

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