The On the go Petrol mobile application simplifies the everyday routine

Petrol service stations also remain open when our everyday lives are increasingly hampered by the Coronavirus. For even better protection of our employees and customers, we provide our visitors with an option to refuel and pay for products without having to enter in the shop – by using the On the GO mobile application, the most convenient payment method these days.   

Customers can use the On the go application to pay for fuel without going to the counter, but instead, make the payment from the comfort of their car and carry on care-free. Customers can also order other products through the application and pick them up at the Petrol service station without unnecessary time in the shop and searching for items. So it is no surprise that there were 500 downloads of the On the go application on mobile phones on average every day last week. Since the beginning of the isolation, new customer registration has also increased by 440%, while adding new means of payment - Visa cards or Mastercard – has even recorded a 1,180% increase.

“Naturally, we are pleased with the numbers,” Andreja Lukež, Head of the Petrol Mobile Applications channel, explains, “but we are even more excited by the fact that by using the application, customers ease their lives and simplify their everyday routine that we all took for granted only two weeks ago.”

Use of the Petrol On the go application is likely to rise further in the following days. There are new options available in the application for purchasing food products available in the Petrol HipShops at service stations. Customers will be able to order and pay for the products with the On the go application and receive them at the selected Petrol station – without any unnecessary waiting at the point of sale and searching the items. We have nevertheless introduced a series of preventive measures in our shops to ensure the safety of our visitors and employees: from limiting entry to one person per 15 square metres, to keeping the proper physical distance, coughing and sneezing hygiene, and mounting protective panels on counters at points of sale.

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