Petrol continues public lighting renovation projects in Serbia

In Serbia, Petrol has recently completed the implementation of Petrol’s largest public lighting renovation project, where together with partners, almost 10,000 luminaires will be replaced in 2021 with new, more energy-efficient luminaires that have a significantly longer lifetime. They are proud to have signed a new partnership this week with the Serbian city of Šid, where 3,500 luminaires will be replaced as part of a public lighting renovation. 

The city of Šid in Serbia has entered into a 13-year public–private partnership for the energy-efficient renovation of its public lighting system with Petrol and partners Smart Energy Investment and HS Engineering. Petrol is providing the financing for the entire investment and it is worth noting that the renovation of the public lighting system in the Serbian city of Šid will reduce emissions by more than 950 tonnes of CO2 per year and save over 70% of electricity, or 1,300 MWh.

Petrol is proud to have been able to make a positive contribution to the environment through another partnership in efficient lighting, without incurring additional debt for the public partner. Not only does the project represent good practice in working together towards common environmental goals, but it also provides light comfort for users of public areas, thereby improving traffic and general safety. 

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